About District

Dahod is a small city on the banks of the Dudhimati River in Dahod district in the State of Gujarat, India. It is said that it has taken its name from Saint Dadhichi, who had an Ashram on the bank of Dudhumati river. It is also known as Dohad (meaning “two boundaries”, as the borders of the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are nearby). 

Dahod District is situated between 20°30′ to 23°30′ North Latitude and 73°15′ to 74°30′ East Longitude. Dahod District has came in to existence after the division of Panchmahal District on 2/10/1997. The District is surrounded by Mahisagar District and Bansvada District of Rajasthan in the north, Godhara District in the west and Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh in the southeast.

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was born in the fort of Dahod in 1618, during the reign of Jahangir. Aurangzeb was said to have ordered his ministers to favour this town, as it was his birthplace. Tatya Tope, the freedom fighter, is known to have absconded in Dahod. He is believed to have lived his last days in this region.

Dahod has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city.