District Planning

Government of Gujarat has introduced Decentralised District Planning programme from 14th November 1980. This programme is carried out by district planning offices. A proposal of Public works is being prepared at Taluka level and submitted to district planning Board for approval. The In charge Minister of particular District is the president of the District Planning Board. District Planning Officer is member secretary of District Planning Board.

20 Point programme :

20 point programme -2006 is a national programme. Which includes, poverty eradication, increase productivity, reduce imbalance of income and social and economical imbalance i.e. to fulfil national promises of Enlistment of life of the people.

Following programmes are implemented under Decentralised District Planning programme from the amount of Discretionary and incentive outlay.

District Planning Board can finance schemes on 100% basis independently from the Discretionary outlay considering minimum local requirements of district.

The Incentive outlay for providing fixed proportionate government aided grant at District level for collecting additional financial instrument.

Key Functions

  • To work on Decentralised Planning Scheme
  • To work on MPLADS Scheme
  • To Work on A.T.V.T Scheme
  • To Work on MPL Scheme
  • To Work on 20 Mudda Scheme
  • To Work On Sagar Khedu Sarvangi Vikas Yojana Scheme.